About Orthopedic Alternatives

Since 1987, Orthopedic Alternatives has provided patients of all ages with high-quality, custom-fitted braces. Orthopedic Alternatives offers comprehensive orthotics equipment and services, which includes measuring, designing, customizing, and fitting braces to meet patients’ individual physical rehabilitation needs. The majority of Orthopedic Alternatives’ patients require pediatric bracing. Trained staff members at Orthopedic Alternatives make the process of measuring and fitting custom braces as smooth as possible, keeping children comfortable as they provide them with orthotics that will positively impact their lives. Young patients and their parents often walk out of Orthopedic Alternatives feeling relieved that the entire process was less intrusive than they had expected. The staff members, many of them parents themselves, understand the stress associated with injuries and growth problems, and they strive to make the brace-fitting experience as positive and solution-focused as possible. David Moskowitz, CPO, and Eric Tosky, CO, serve as the founders and owners of Orthopedic Alternatives. Both possess backgrounds that strongly influenced their interest in the therapeutic benefits of braces. Mr. Tosky was diagnosed with Perthes disease at the age of three and could not walk for five years. A properly fitted brace helped his hip joints heal correctly, and he remains active today; indeed, he participates in a senior men’s baseball league. Orthopedic Alternatives co-owner David Moskowitz gained a similar appreciation for braces as a young man. While caring for a grandfather who had suffered a stroke, he noticed that the brace allowed his grandfather to carry on many daily activities. Convinced of the healing possibilities of braces, Mr. Moskowitz enrolled in New York University’s Prosthetics and Orthotics program. Orthopedic Alternatives has achieved the highest levels of accreditation possible in the field of orthotics. The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics honored Orthopedic Alternatives with a three-year accreditation award in recognition of its outstanding quality assurance, operational management, patient care, and facility safety standards. For more information about Orthopedic Alternatives, call (800) 867-8467 or visit http://www.orthopedicalternatives.org.


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